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Best Buy

An automated wishes sender mobile app that helps you stay on top of special events in your life.


In the year 2021, Best Buy expects more people to return to physical stores locations as a result of increased vaccinations and a touch of "cabin fever".


How might we design the experience to

  • Ensure the safety of customers and employees

  • Disburden workload of employees

  • Retain the nostalgia of shopping on Black Friday

My role




UX research

Visual design

Interaction design



Adobe illustrator


After effects

Aug 2021 – Nov 2021

Team of 4 designers


Due to Increased vaccinations more people return to physical stores 

In the year 2021, Best Buy expects more people to return to physical stores locations as a result of increasing vaccinations — and a touch of "cabin fever." 

Problem space

How might we improve the customer management and planning for shoppers and employees to have a less stressful Black Friday work experience?

In-app tasks and rewards-based games to encourage customers to pre-plan their shopping list and qualify for early time slots on Black Friday 

iPhone 13 Pro.png

Home screen with game banner

iPhone 13 Pro-1.png

Creating wish list

iPhone 13 Pro-2.png

Add location

iPhone 13 Pro-3.png

Augmented store map

iPhone 13 Pro-4.png
iPhone 13 Pro-5.png

Select Time slot

QR token/ticket


From concept to design. It was quite a journey from research to final prototypes!

Group 210.png

Understanding the highs and lows of the Black Friday sale experience

Group 213.png

Secondary research Insights : Down the Reddit hole

Group 44.png

Secondary research Insights : Desktop Research

Group 45.png
Group 46.png

Primary research Insights : Semi-structured interview

Interview Questions

Group 47.png

Interview Insights: Shoppers

Group 48.png

Interview Insights: Employees

Group 49.png

Gathering our research findings and thoughts.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-28 at 7.35 2.png
WhatsApp Image 2022-03-29 at 12.16 1.png

Affinity Mapping

Group 108.png

Realized themes

Group 109.png
Group 110.png

Customer management vs Employee experience map

What did we learn?

Group 111.png

Initial problem space 

How might we improve the experiential factors for employees to have a comfortable Black Friday work experience?


Generating ideas based on the insights gathered

Group 72.png

Analyzing the concept

Group 73.png
Group 74.png

Finalizing the concept

Group 112.png

Wireframes: Initial Concept

Group 106.png
Frame 61.png

Hi-fi Protoype: Initial Concept

image 20.png
image 24-1.png
image 22.png
image 22-1.png
image 22.png

Evaluation: Initial Concept

Group 111 (1).png
Group 110 (1).png
Group 111 (2).png

Iteration: Based on feedback received from the initial evaluation

Iteration 1 vs 2: Onboarding Screens

The landing screen for the game introduction was very heavy on text. All the participants during the 5-second test skipped the instructions.


Designing a minimal onboarding screen for users to quickly understand the purpose and functionality of game.




  • 90% of participants read the information depicted in onboarding

Iteration 1 vs 2: "Join the game" button redesign

60% of total participants reported that the "join the game" button didn't catch their attention adding to their confusion.


To design an attractive banner that will quickly guide users without overwhelming them.




  • 100% of participants found the banner helpful and eye-catching!

Iteration 1 vs 2:  Digital token reminder

The idea of a digital token or ticket in order to enter the store was not clear to participants until the end of the flow. 30% of the total participants even skipped that part.


To design an attention-grabbing reminder pop-up that will intimate user to collect their digital tickets.


Iteration_time slot_banner.png


  • 80% of participants clicked the banner.

Design System

Group 662.png


Tools used: Figma

Frame 120.png

Hi-fi Prototypes

Group 663.png

Bringing designs to life

Interactive prototype

Overview of features


A quick overview about the game purpose and functionality.

Feature 1

Creating wish list

Users are encouraged to pre-plan their shopping list in order to collect points to qualify for the early time slots.

Feature 3

Loading location based store map

Users can view a 3-D version of the store map to get an overview of item locations to save the time of searching during sales.

Feature 4

Booking Time slots and generating digital tickets.

User with the highest ranks is qualified for early times slots. Once time slots are selected, the user can then download or digital ticket to enter the store.

The final prototype video



The lessons I have learnt

Take it EASY: It was at times difficult to focus on a specific part of the design space as we felt that we are being too basic! But, we realized a bit later in our process that instead of trying to solve everything, even trying to solve a part of everything contributes to the design space

Take it SLOW: Coming up with a plethora of solutions and concepts doesn’t guarantee success. Instead, reflecting on the findings gained during various stages is more insightful than hunting for solutions (which is never going to be the best)

Take it with a grain of salt: It was very easy to get carried away with our assumptions and likings, that we ignore some important aspects. Being a bit skeptical as a designer opens up the mind to more possibilities, opportunities, and challenges

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